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Stay tuned for our second season, when I talk about all things writing with a new guest host every week! Whether its writing a steamy love scene, or what we do when we hit the dreaded wall. No topic is off limits. Stayed tuned for an exciting season!

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NaNoWriMo 2020 Results

Summary Hello Everyone! NaNoWriMo has officially completed! How did everyone do? This week I talk about how I did during the challenge and some of the struggles I faced.  This episode will be the last episode for the season break. I was not able to repair my equipment with the parts I ordered. Which is…More

Character Bios: Pt 4

Summary Hey Guys, It is the final week of NaNo! How are you all doing? This is the home stretch. The sprint to the finish line! I can almost taste the victory! In this episode, I talk about Jonas Macklemore (Mac), his mysterious wife Estrid, and their destiny infused daughter Catrina.  I  share some of…More

Character Bios: Pt. 3

Summary Hey Guys, It is week 3 of Nano! How are you all doing? I hope you guys aren’t stressing out too badly! Just keep pushing forward, you got this! In this episode, I talk about Jarl Tobias, his twins Finn and Elise, and a little about Tobias’s sister Estrid. They have a very twisted…More

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Desire Stevens

A creative writer/armchair academic with a taste for history fueling her over active imagination. She took the plunge in 2019 and started writing full time and the rest is, well–history. You can follow Desire on Twitter @StevensDesire, and find her work on Medium, and Th3 Record.

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