Character Bios: Pt. 1


Hey Everyone!

In today’s episode, I’m giving everyone a rundown on the characters for Ascension; my NaNo project. This will span a few episodes, as I will be giving a detailed background on where everyone is coming from; their personalities, and lives. 

In this episode, I introduce Vic, Lester, Jo, and a little about Vic’s Grandfather, Karl Halden (Hal), and Vic’s mother Gertrude.

Next week I will be introducing Marida, Tobias, and Gertrude;  giving more background on Hal as well.  

Trigger warning: Vic is Non-binary, and It is hard for me to untrain my brain, and stop using gendered pronouns when referring to them. I screw up a lot and switched between pronouns during this episode, most of which I was able to edit out because I caught myself in time, but there are a few spots where I could not edit out my mistakes, without taking out huge chunks of the recording. I also want to own up to being human and hope that everyone understands, and goes easy on me. I promise I am trying very hard to use correct pronouns. 

Here is the link to the storyboard video I talk about at the beginning of the episode for any of you who want to give it a shot! How to create a storyboard. As I said, it is a really helpful video, and I plan to give it a try for my next project.

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Thanks for the continued support guys! See you all next week!

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