Character Bios: Pt 4


Hey Guys,

It is the final week of NaNo! How are you all doing? This is the home stretch. The sprint to the finish line! I can almost taste the victory!

In this episode, I talk about Jonas Macklemore (Mac), his mysterious wife Estrid, and their destiny infused daughter Catrina.  I  share some of the struggles Mac and Catrina faced learning about a world they never knew existed. I also briefly talk about Bobby Vanholden, the proverbial thorn in Mac’s side.

Again, since this is the home stretch, If you guys are struggling reach out to me! Or, check out my episodes on outlining, and story building, to get a little inspiration. I am also usually lurking on Twitter most nights if you want to chat or need to brainstorm! We got this!

Don’t forget to check out the bonus episode on my progress, and remember to keep me updated on your progress if you are following along and doing the challenge with me!

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Thanks for the continued support guys! See you next week! Keep up the good work, we’re almost there!

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